Lewisburg Area Soccer Club - FAQ
Lewisburg Area Soccer Club is designed for Lewisburg area players (U9-U12) for all competitive soccer played outside of the AYSO core recreational program, including league play in the NorCenPenn Soccer League (NCP).  This program wass specifically created to provide select Lewisburg players and their families with an introduction to competitive soccer in an affordable, fun, and familiar environment.

What is Lewisburg Area Soccer Club?

  • The Lewisburg Area Soccer Club (LASC) is a soccer program for competitive soccer events, including tournaments, league play, and friendlies with other clubs.  Functionally LASC operates as part of Lewisburg AYSO, but from an outside perspective it is an independent soccer club within EPYSA.

      What age groups are eligible for Lewisburg Area Soccer Club?

      • LASC is for children playing in the U10 through U12 divisions.

      How is LASC different than Lewisburg AYSO Core?

      • First and foremost, there are tryouts and evaluations.  Only select players are placed on LASC teams.  AYSO Core is an intramural recreational soccer program with open registration.  LASC is an extension of that program designed to be an affordable introduction that helps guide Lewisburg parents and players into competitive soccer.  LASC teams are permitted to participate in US Soccer sanctioned tournaments and leagues.  AYSO Core teams only play other AYSO Core teams.

      What is a Soccer Club?

      • At its most basic level a soccer club is an organization that has the purpose of ensuring each player is able to play the game of soccer to his or her highest potential.  Many soccer clubs have different programs within their organization.  These various programs can sometimes blur the lines for parents and make navigating the world of youth soccer a challenge.  For example, AYSO is a soccer club with various programs including Core, VIP, and Extra.

      What is travel soccer?

      • Travel soccer is competitive soccer.  Click the following link to read Lewisburg AYSO's Travel Soccer FAQ, including specific information on travel soccer in the greater Lewisburg Area.

      How is Lewisburg Area Soccer Club different than other soccer clubs?

      • LASC provides developing players with an introduction to club-level competition, but maintains many of AYSO's core values.  The focus on positive coaching, player development, good sportsmanship, and ensuring each player is guaranteed playing time remain core tenants within the Lewisburg Area Soccer Club.

      Will Lewisburg Area Soccer Club teams have their own uniforms?

      • Yes. Lewisburg Area Soccer Club will have a unique uniform, but will still be playing in green and white.  Additional details on uniforms will be added in 2022.

      Who can register/ tryout for LASC?

      • Any interested and age appropriate youth that lives in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania or any surrounding community.

      How does registration work?

      • Parents of players selected for LASC teams will complete registration only after their child has been selected for a team.

        Where will Lewisburg Area Soccer Club teams play?

        • LASC teams will play in the NorthCenPenn Soccer League.  Games will be on Sunday afternoons in roughly the same geographic area in which Lewisburg AYSO currently plays.

        How much does it cost to play in Lewisburg Area Soccer Club?

        • The estimated cost for fall 2022 is $140 per player.  That estimated fee will cover both the fall and spring NCP seasons, but does not include uniform costs ($40).

        What do I do if I am interested in coaching a team?

        • Please contact us!  We would love to hear from you.

        When will Lewisburg Area Soccer Club hold evaluations?

        • Initial team evaluations will be held at the Riverwoods Soccer Complex in May 2022.  Additional evaluations will be held throughout the season.  Please continue to check our website for more information.
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